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Onslaught: H.E.R.O

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This Is lazy Friday Studio, all of our projects range from extensions to full games.

Steam Games


    Onslaught: Armoured Assault is an indie real-time strategy, space survival simulation, where you the player are tasked with building a starbase, gathering resources, and creating a fleet to survive the onslaught of wave after wave of alien starships intent on your destruction. Explore the void, chart mineral-rich asteroid belts, and destroy pirate outposts in an epic struggle for survival.

Free Games

  • Steam Line

    SteamLine is a 4 Player Couch Co-Op. Players work together to maneuver a submarine through the dangerous waters infested by mechanical fish to try to find out why the water levels are rising and slowly making it harder for mankind to live on Earth.

  • Stolen Home

    Many years have past since the last vessel from earth left, forced from their home planet, taken by aliens. The last vessels formed a new alliance called the Earths United Hope (EUH). EUH mission is to take the home planet back.

  • Super Shiny Leader Of Pain

    You are the super shiny leader of pain! Hated amongst many because you ravish the lands and take what you want. As the leader of pain, you get attacked most of the time where ever you are.

  • Animal Battalion

    A modern take on the classic tank arcade game, The game has currently a Multiplayer feature which allows the you to play over a network. Multiplayer is PVP FFA, requires 2 or more people to play, Lobby's can be hosted with up to 6 people.

  • Over Load

    This is Overload, a VR informational game about one of the many symptoms of Autism and some of the effects that occur with a person that has Autism. In this game I will be mainly focusing on "Sensory Overload" which is when people get too much information at once.

  • Fighter Prototype

    This is not a game but more an idea, I wanted to explore the idea of lots of little fighters battling it out and space and where i could use this. This system ended up in the stolen home game, as well as Onslaught:Armoured Assault

Unity Extensions/Assets

  • This is the lazy scene loader, This asset will cut your production time in half. This asset is a simple editor extension that allows you add scenes to a favourite window. you can then from this window select and load scenes. This asset makes the need of double clicking your scenes in the project folder viewer redundant.

    Lazy Scene Loader

  • WIP

    Lazy Todo'er - WIP

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