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Heros Of Onslaught - Development Blog #2

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Have i been busy, iv thought about doing some pretty cool things in the new game, such as a rocket barrage from a missile pod. the problem with this is that i suck at doing VFX, so i gave my self about a week or so to get everything right between the assets and the look. SO here is a prototype of what i hope will be in the game and functioning.

What annoys me the most about building a character from the ground up, is always seeing them slide on the floor till you get some type of animation done for them. This alone is towards the end of the base character design.

But my animator gave me the goods, Now my baby walks and shoots like a baddass Mech. Although still very early stages its looking better and better.

From the early progression that i'm seeing on this, i'm very happy with its direction, so the WIP blogs might become more frequent depending on the hype and the way that it goes.


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