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Onslaught: H.E.R.O - Development Blog #3

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Its been forever since I have posted one of these blogs, but ALOT! has happened in between. From new rendering systems to upgrading to unity 2019.3. To sum a lot we are close to an early early alpha. what has been added since the last blog post is quite a lot so i will try and sum it up as best as I can.

New Temp Menu and Rendering

This new addition was simply put as a rendering test and a simple example of what the game could look like. What we have done in this scene was to test the lighting settings on our rendering system, as well as with our VFX graphs. We fill like our planet should feel and look quite an earth-like, but with some alien feel to it. We have accomplished this with some colour variations with our grass and with our small bushes. But a lot is subject to change with the new additions and with better Material.

New Game Name and LOGO (WIP)

Along with the new game assets, we have started work on our Games logo/Thumbnail. we are still in a WIP of it but we think we're heading in the right direction with it. Although, once we have the finished logo we will be using it throughout our posts

New Enemy (Swarmer)

This is the first addition to the alien race, the swarmer. This alien uses its numbers to its advantage, by simply throwing as many bodies as it can at you till your gone. This alien currently only exists in the game with a simple run animation but will eventually end up having an attack animation along with several idle and roaring animations. In addition to the alien, we have added in a health bar for when you aim at the enemy targets as well as adding in damage indicator for when you damage them with also a blood splatter/rag-doll depending on the type of damage that you do.


Our best feature so far is the addition of explosions. These effects have been in the works for a while. trying to make a very modular system in regards to the explosions. That include the shapes, Size, Colour and Textures that are used within them. This allows me to create lots of explosions with different values very quickly. This one is currently the AOE type of explosion set on simply eradicating large amounts of enemy's quickly and within the explosion area. But there are plans to use the explosions more.

New UI Elements

Our newest additions to the UI is the objective Block, The health bar (green), The Shield Bar (Light Blue), The Ammo Bar (The Red), The Secondary Weapon Charge (Orange) and the Grenade ammo (White Squares), Each of these elements display vital information in regards to the player and we feel like we have designed a good layout for all the information to both be displayed but without being intrusive on the players feel.

New Weapons

We have only had for a bit the very simple but deadly mini-gun weapon, but we have decided to explore some new types of weapons and effects, so we have created the "Rail Gun", The gun is still a WIP but it currently does what it's supposed to do. It shoots one bullet with intense speed to single shot a swarmer, although with a slow rate of fire, its aimed at more the precision shooters.


our last achievement is creating a networking solution for the game, In regards to both shooting, AI and moving the players all work on the network scale of Peer to Peer, Which is great as its what we wanted from the very start. We are creating the game to work well and run smoothly on a single-player game, but also running perfectly with no FPS drops with up to 4 players. We are still working on the max numbers that you will be able to play with.


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