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This is the Lazy Checklist, this asset will assist you in keeping track of your projects progress. This asset intended use it to be a staging ground for your agile boards. This asset will make it easier for you to keep track of Ideas, Bugs, and even general tasks that you need to do. This asset will save you time when it comes to updating your agile board.

Download Locations

Download Locations

General Information

This is the bundle viewer, this area contains all the bundles that you have made, this is where all your checklists that you have made will be seen and selectable.


Open the Edit or Create new bundle Window, This is where you will create your new checklist bundles

Select the checklist bundle that you wish to view, this will appear on all the bundles that you have made

Bundle Viewer
Bundle Editor - Creation

Bundle Editor - Creation

Checklist Creator area. This is where you will create your new bundles

Bundle description, this will be used in the bundle viewer.

Create new bundle.png

opens the create bundles area

Should your bundle use a thumbnail as a display instead of text?, If this is active a Object field will be displayed for you to use.

Opens the edit bundles area

Name of the bundle, this will be used to generate the relevant files and used in display areas

Bundle Editor - Editor

Checklist Creator area. This is where you will edit your already made bundles

Edit Bundles.png

Change the thumbnail of the bundle

Edits the name of the bundle

Deletes the bundle

Edits the basic description

Bundle Editor - Editor

Bundle Viewer - Normal

The general bundle viewer area

The pre defined categories, Clicking these buttons will hide items that are not in that checklist type.

List Area.png

Activate viewer edit mode

Creates a new item in the category your currently viewing

Bundle Viewer - Normal

Bundle Viewer - Edit Mode

Edit mode for the bundle viewer


edit the description of a item here

Save edits done

Change the type of checklist tag

Delete an item

Bundle Viewer - Edit Mode


For support please email or join our discord

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