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Meet the Team


Jake Gaske


I’m a competent hard-working individual especially when it comes to programming.

From an early age, my main interest was making games and this led me to start learning to code, which eventuated to programming and I found this to be my niche.


Tim Mayor


Vidya games are love, Vidya Games is life. I'm the animator/modeller and art director of H.E.R.O. Since I first open my eyes I knew this meat sleeve I was birthed into was made to create games.


Artistic talent is squandered unless you're creating beautiful 3D scenes of mech on alien violent carnage. I hope you enjoy the onslaught universe.


Ethan Andreoli


Inline Skate, Coffee and Beer aficionado, spent years creating 2D images and music instead of socialising at school. Moved into 3D production modelling and animating at university, somehow still doing 2D?


I'm an enthusiastic and versatile artist with a high attention to detail, I possess a large 2D working skillset, however I am gradually bridging this into the third dimension to allow myself more creative freedom and control.


Mitch Hart


I am a 3D artist that likes to be more of a jack-of-all-trades, dabbling in anything and everything I can when it comes to my craft.


I got my start in games art when I was around 12 years old, modding popular games and since then, have not stopped trying to hone my skills.

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