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Lazy Quick Select adds a new Unity window for you to access from the Window panel, this asset is a simple favourite asset selector, it allows you to make your own category of asset in your project, then add items to that category.

Download Locations

Download Locations

Quick Select Category

This is the Category viewer, This is where you will store all your quick select assets

Main Panel.png

Create a new category to store new items in

Will send you to the help page for this asset

Opens the edit category window, will let you change the name and description of the category

This will open the category window with the items in that category

Will delete the category, Does not delete any of the assets held within the category

Quick Select Category
Category Builder/Editor

Category Builder/Editor

This is where you create a category or edit a category

Create Category.png

opens the create bundles area

The name of the category, If editing this just changes the name of the category

Creates the bundle, If editing there will be an update category button

Change the description of the bundle, This description is seen in the main category viewer window.

Chooses the first item, If editing this will not appear

Category Viewer

This is where all the items that are stored in a category will be displayed.

Item Area.png

Copys the path of the asset

Add item in the field to the right to the category

Selects the asset in the project view

Item that will be added

Removes the item from the category

Category Viewer


For support please email or join our discord

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