This is the lazy scene loader, This asset will cut your production time in half. This asset is a simple editor extension that allows you add scenes to a favourite window. you can then from this window select and load scenes. This asset makes the need of double clicking your scenes in the project folder viewer redundant.

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General Information

General Overview.png

The basic edit and add scene buttons, These Will open a new window with specific functions. Edit Categories will allow you edit already made categories, where add scenes will allow you to add scenes to already made categories.

Help Button will take you to this website.

These are all the categories that you have made, these will automatically display when you make or edit a category, each button will only display the first 3 letters of the category title. ALL, just displays every category scenes.

These are the scenes that are in the category.

Load Button, Will load a scene, a prompt will ask to save scenes before changing.

Remove Button, Will remove the scene from the category that it is in.


Create New Category

This panel is used to create new categories. Each category needs a first scene for it to work, as well as a name. The name is displayed all over the windows. The first three letters of each category will be displayed on the buttons on the main window. The description is used to explain what the category of scenes are.

Opens the create new category display

Changes the display to edit existing categories.


Edit Categories

This panel is used to rename categories and to delete unwanted categories. You can simply rename the title by clicking the name and 

Edit Category.png

This button will remove and delete the category


Add Scene

Add Scene.png

Select the scene that you will add to the category that you selected above

Select category that you want to add it to, Will automatically update to all the categories you make.


Folder Structure

All files and folders for the lazy scene loader are contained in the editor folder under the editor folder

Folder Structure.png


For support please email lazyfridaystudio@gmail.com or Join our discord